Campfire Audio

Campfire Audio, founded by Ken Ball, has been at the forefront of audio technology since its inception. Ball’s audio journey began with Audio Line Out, a company that handcrafted audio cables. Campfire Audio was born in 2015, with the first prototypes of their Andromeda in-ear monitor released in 2016. Since then, the company has been breaking boundaries with their cutting-edge technology.

One of Campfire Audio’s breakthrough technologies is the Beryllium PVD driver, which is used in many of their headphones and IEMs. The driver, combined with their 3D printed Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber (T.A.E.C.), replaces the traditional tube and damper system, resulting in less compression in the highs and a more expansive, open sound. The company also uses an Audio Polarity Tuned Chamber in the driver shell to optimize its performance.

Another key driver technology developed by Campfire Audio is the Amorphous Diamond-Like Carbon Diaphragm Dynamic Driver (A.D.L.C.). A non-crystalline diamond material, A.D.L.C. has low density and high rigidity, making it an ideal diaphragm material. This technology was first introduced in the Atlas model and has since been incorporated into other Campfire Audio products. With its cutting-edge technology, Campfire Audio continues to push the boundaries of audio innovation.