Final Audio

Final Audio was established in 1974 by the late Kanemori Takai. The first real product it released was a phono cartridge designed by Yoshihisa Mori. It had a groundbreaking figure eight air-core coil with a cantilever cut from a one-carat diamond; there was no influence from adhesive or an iron core, and it produced extremely clear sound and was regarded highly.

In 2009 Final designed and developed their first headphone completely in house. From driver development to final assembly, everything is done by Final, which is nearly unique. Final Audio continues to push the boundaries and create beautiful headphones and IEM’s at various price levels. The whole process is created by Final Audio, so they have complete control. From the starting VR3000 and A3000 for a friendly budget, all the way up to the D-series, with the astonishing D8000 Pro reference headphone.