Niimbus Audio

Niimbus Audio is a consumer brand by LAKE PEOPLE Electronic. 30 Years of knowledge have gone into the products of this brand, which is the high-end cousin of the Violectric brand, also made by LAKE PEOPLE.


This reflects the approach of developing serious technology at reference level. In the professional field, the company realizes this claim under the name Lake People, in the hi-fi sector with the brand Violectric and Niimbus Audio. The local connection with the Lake Constance region, which is already expressed in the choice of the company name “Lake People”, can also be found in the operative business:

The Niimbus Audio headphone amplifiers and DACs are built with the finest components, ensuring accurate and transparent sound reproduction. They use advanced technologies such as fully balanced circuitry, high-end capacitors, and low-noise power supplies to eliminate distortion and deliver pure, natural sound.

Niimbus Audio products are also designed with aesthetics in mind. Their amplifiers and DACs feature sleek, modern designs that complement any audio setup, and are built to last with durable materials and expert craftsmanship.

The entire development and production takes place in the factory in Constance, even suppliers come largely from Germany. The result is a range of high-end quality DAC/headphone amplifiers with the earned “Made in Germany” quality seal.