The Sound Kitchen


At the Sound Kitchen we love coffee and music, not necessarily in that order. Sharing this passion with others has become a heart filling pleasure.

We believe in a true connection with the city Rotterdam and source the products that we serve in our bar as local as possible. The producers of our coffee, tea and sweets and the companies that we happily work with are explained further below. Long term relationships with a true sustainability and creating value for the complete chain are at the basis of these cooperations.

We also serve hot chocolate, made from real chocolate and lemonades from Loopuyt that is located in Schiedam.

Our Suppliers

Manhattan Coffee Roasters


Manhattan Coffee Roasters was founded in Rotterdam by veteran coffee industry professionals and competition champions Ben Morrow and Esther Maasdam. They focus on unique, high quality products with a personal connection to its origin and producers. This simple thought moves them every day to source smarter and roast better. Flavor delivery and provenance are key, ethics and sustainability are a given.

Manhattan Coffee Roasters share competition-level coffees with the world and the barista’s at the Soundkitchen take pride in serving these beautiful beans at the best possible way. Whether you take your coffee small, a cappuccino, flat white or anything else, they are here to guide you for an fabulous experience.

Manhattan Coffee Roasters

Jing Tea


Ed Eisler, the founder of Jing Tea had been disappointed by the Breakfast Tea that was available in the UK and even more when he travelled to China, Japan and Taiwan to experience flavours that he had never tasted in his cup before. He embarked on a new journey, where around each corner new flavors and experiences were discovered.

A true value chain from producer to end-consumer has been created with Jing Tea bundled by exceptional flavors and the joy of producing a great product. One of the first restaurants that started working with Jing Tea was the Fat Duck from Heston Blumenthal. This is also where Francois Geurds experienced Jing Tea and FG restaurants also serves this exceptional tea. 


Sweets by Francois Geurds


A world renowned 2-star Michelin Chef with two restaurants in the glorious heart of Rotterdam. Francois prides himself for striving to the highest level of his profession.

Sound Kitchen is proud to work with the team of Francois Geurds and offer a special selection of pastries, sweets, chocolates and more. Francois not only is one of the very finest chefs in the Netherlands, but also a genuine nice person, who loves listening to music and enjoys head-fi.

Sweets by Francois Geurds