Prepare to be captivated as CANVAS transforms your living room into a concert hall, gaming arena, or cinema. Whether you’re streaming your favorite playlist, diving into the latest blockbuster, or engaging in intense gaming sessions, the CANVAS delivers an unrivaled audio performance that transcends expectations.

Join the revolution in sound quality and design with CANVAS – where every sonic detail is optimized to enrich your listening experience. Explore the new pinnacle of audio reproduction and immerse yourself in a world where sound knows no bounds.

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Elevate Your Home Theater with CANVAS


Upgrade your home with the elegance it deserves. CANVAS HiFi offers a wide range of stylish and unique design elements.


CANVAS – HiFi, Reinvented

For the first time, you can enjoy true HiFi from a TV sound system. The combination of high-end speaker construction, room correction, and BACCH 3D crosstalk cancellation, gives you true HiFi performance. Performance that is otherwise only found in dedicated HiFi sound systems.

CANVAS: A pure HiFi system – with or without TV

CANVAS can be used with or without a TV. In any case, it can easily replace a traditional HiFi system. Enjoy your vinyl collection, stream your favorite music, get HiFi in your kitchen, or upgrade the sound on your big screen. If you have more than one CANVAS, you can have them all play together or separately. You decide with just a single tap on your phone.


Perfect fit for your TV

Available in four sizes: 55″, 65″, 75″, and 77″. CANVAS presents a seamless and sophisticated integration with your television. Elevate your home entertainment to new heights with CANVAS.


Bespoke for your interior

CANVAS offers thirteen custom finishes: A textile front in black or light grey, one of eight colors of Danish Kvadrat fabrics; or wooden slats in either light oak, mahogany or walnut. Add a dash of sophistication with CANVAS, and curate your own masterpiece that blends with your interior design using one of our many finishes. We have gone into great effort and detail to craft perfect variations that will suit just about any type of home.


CANVAS: Keep it simple

CANVAS HiFi is more than just a sound system — it’s an artistic statement.Enjoy a transformed and simplified living room thanks to technology that seamlessly integrates. Unleash the potential of your senses with CANVAS HiFi.