Violectric is a high-end audio brand that is part of the LAKE PEOPLE Electronic family, along with Niimbus Audio. With over 30 years of development and production knowledge, the brand prides itself on creating serious technology at reference level. Violectric and Niimbus Audio are the company’s hi-fi sector offerings, while Lake People serves the professional field. The entire development and production of Violectric products takes place in the company’s factory in the Lake Constance region, using suppliers mostly from Germany. The result is a range of high-quality headphone amplifiers with the “Made in Germany” quality seal. If you’re looking for tools, not toys, Violectric should be at the top of your list.

Violectric is a name synonymous with superior audio performance, bringing German precision engineering to the realm of high-fidelity sound. Founded in 2009 by the masterminds behind Lake People, Violectric is dedicated to providing audiophiles with top-tier equipment that marries exceptional sound quality with sophisticated design. At Sound Kitchen in Rotterdam, we proudly offer a selection of Violectric products, ensuring you have access to some of the best audio amplifiers available.
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Excellence in audio amplifiers

Violectric amplifiers are renowned for their unmatched audio clarity and versatility. Whether you’re a casual listener or a professional audiophile, Violectric’s products deliver a listening experience that is both detailed and dynamic. The V380 DAC/amp, for example, has been praised for its ability to handle a wide range of headphones, from high-impedance models like the Sennheiser HD660S to sensitive IEMs such as the 64 Audio Fourté. With zero hiss and ample power, Violectric amplifiers ensure that every nuance of your music is heard.

Violectric’s innovation in audio technology

Innovation is at the heart of Violectric’s philosophy. Each product is a testament to the brand’s commitment to advancing audio technology. Violectric integrates state-of-the-art components like the AKM DACs and Femto Clocks, which significantly reduce jitter and enhance audio fidelity. The separation of analog and digital sections within their amplifiers, coupled with high-quality power supplies from Talema, exemplifies their dedication to clean, accurate sound reproduction.

The future of audio, what’s next?

As Violectric continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in audio technology, the future looks bright. Upcoming products promise even greater performance, with advancements in DAC architecture and digital signal processing. The integration of cutting-edge components like the AK4499 DAC chip in future models underscores Violectric’s ongoing commitment to delivering the ultimate audio experience. At Sound Kitchen, we stay ahead of the curve by offering the latest Violectric products as soon as they are available, ensuring our customers always have access to the future of audio.

Explore the range of Violectric audio amplifiers

Sound Kitchen’s collection of Violectric amplifiers includes a variety of models designed to meet different needs and preferences. From the versatile V590 to the compact yet powerful V226, each amplifier is engineered to provide exceptional sound quality. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect Violectric model to suit your setup, whether you’re looking for a DAC/amp combo or a standalone amplifier.

Visit Sound Kitchen for the right Violectric model

Located in the heart of Rotterdam, Sound Kitchen is your go-to destination for Violectric products. Our store offers a unique blend of high-end audio equipment and a cozy espresso bar, creating the perfect environment for exploring new audio gear. Our team of audio experts is always on hand to provide personalized recommendations and ensure you find the ideal Violectric amplifier for your needs. Visit us today or browse our website to discover the best in Violectric audio technology. Experience the pinnacle of audio excellence with Violectric at Sound Kitchen.

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