Violectric HPA V340


The Violectric HPA V340 is a premium-class headphone amplifier. It employs the sophisticated circuits from its bigger brother V550, resulting in an outstanding performance. Its extremely low noise and absolutely neutral reproduction create a sound image of delightful naturalness and enthralling authenticity. Its uncompromising sound qualifies the V340 as the first choice for audiophile listeners who want to get the best out of their headphones.

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A Violectric speciality is the comprehensive compatibility with headphones of various types. The Violectric HPA V340 continues this tradition. It can connect two unbalanced headphones via 6.35 mm jacks while also offering a balanced four-pin XLR connector. The elaborate circuit perfectly supplies all kinds of drivers: high output voltage for high-impedance headphones, high output power for low-impedance headphones and even magnetostatic systems. The popular Pre Gain circuit allows for specifically adjusting the amplifier to the preferred model of headphones, creating the ultimate listening experience.

The Violectric HPA V340 is outfitted with more than just amplification technology. Balanced and unbalanced line outs forward the signal to other hifi components like power amps or active speakers. This option turns the V340 into a central station to easily switch between the two stereo inputs and control their volume. By virtue of this feature, the headphone amp can simply be inserted into an existing signal chain – and improve its sound.

The high-quality Violectric products are developed and manufactured in the company’s own manufacture at Lake Constance. The experts exclusively use painstakingly selected parts that satisfy the exceptional quality standard. Precise craftsmanship underlines the overall value and longevity of the products that well earn the label “made in Germany”.

Lowest noise: Through a very small amount of internal gain. This makes the amplifier’s self-generated noise inaudible.

High Output Voltage: through 50 V internal operating voltage. Therefor ideally suited for high-impedance headphones deserving high output voltage swing.

High Output Power: thanks to powerful amplifiers that offer far more power even the most demanding headphones would need. So best suited for headphones with low impedances as well as magnetostatic headphones !!

High Damping Factor: due to lowest output impedance. Therefor the ideal match for difficult to drive headphones without negative side effects and with the guarantee for a uncompromising frequency response.

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2 analogue inputs: 2 x RCA

Power and Noise:
8 dB less noise than the V281
2 x 15 Watt PSU, switchable between 115 and 230V
Gain factor 0 dB unbalanced, 6 dB balanced
Extended pre-gain settings via DIP switches: -18, -12, -6, 0, +6, +12, +18 dB, same for the line out
Pre and post fader now work via the push of a button on the back and not via software control
Max output voltage (balanced output, both channels driven): 32 Volt = 1.8 Watts @ 600 Ohm
Maximum power (balanced output, both channels driven): 5 Watt @ 50 Ohm
Noise -100 dB/THD+N – 102 dB
Output impedance < 0,2 Ohm
Damping factor > 250

(WxHxD) 290mm x 80mm (90 with feet) x 250 mm
Front, Back: 8 mm/3 mm Aluminum, black anodized
Case: 3 mm/4 mm Aluminum, black anodized