HiFiMAN Serenity Pads (Edition XS / Ananda Nano / HE1000 series)


HiFiMAN Serenity Pads for all drop shaped planar headphones from this brand. These new pads are the next advancement to the UltraPad, where the inner pad mesh is now absent and has been moved to the driver earcups on all the latest HIFIMAN headphones.

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What are the right pads for my HiFiMAN headphone?

Choosing the correct pads for your HiFiMAN headphones is crucial to the sound quality.

HiFiMAN Serenity Pads can be fitted on the following headphones:

  • Edition XS
  • Ananda Nano
  • Arya Organic
  • HE1000 series

What is the difference to Ultrapad?

The inner pad mesh that was used with the Ultrapad has been removed with the HiFiMAN Serenity pads. The newer HiFiMAN headphones now have this mesh already fitted in the earcup of the headphone.