Yohann Headphone Stand Wood


The Yohann Headphone Stand is precision-carved from the finest locally-grown wood, and hand-finished with unrivaled attention to detail, every Yohann piece is a labour of love made from a beautiful single piece of massive wood. Designed in Switzerland and made in Italy and Germany.

An artisanal stand worthy of the headphones you place upon it. Yohann Headphone Stand is available in Walnut or Oak.

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Yohann Headphone Stand made of a single piece of wood

The headphone stand is crafted with love from a single piece of quality wood.


Yohann Headphone Stand


Sustainably made from high-quality wood in Italy

Sustainability isn’t an afterthought at Yohann. It’s one of the basic building blocks as they firmly believe that sustainability is an integral part of a great design and it guides every decision. For every Yohann product sold, a new tree will be planted. Each tree, once grown up, has the potential to accumulate over one hundred times the carbon dioxide released in the making of a single Yohann product. Their philosophy is by using resources given by nature, it’s their duty to preserve them for future generations.


Design of Yohann Headphone Stand

The stand is designed to provide your headphones with an appropriate place to store while simultaneously showcasing their unique design in the best possible way. The abstract shape of solid wood gains lightness and grace from the concave surfaces. It elegantly restrains itself visually and leaves the stage to your headphones.


Yohann Headphone Stand

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Oak, Walnut


LxWx H: 70 x 160 x 265 mm

Weight: approx. 280 g