Devialet Phantom Cinema

From € 14.000

Devialet Dione

From € 1.999

Sound Kitchen Cinema

Are you thinking of getting fantastic stereo and cinema sound in your living room, but also want your living room to be stylish and not dominated by audio? Then the different Devialet Cinema options are the solution!

We can build your immersive living room dream cinema with Devialet! Visit our Devialet Experience Center to get the full Sound Kitchen Cinema Experience!

Devialet Dione

Devialet Dione is acoustic engineering applied to home cinema: a high-end, all-in-one Dolby Atmos® 5.1.2 soundbar that elevates all contents on your television.

17 autonomous high-end drivers, all powered by proprietary Devialet technologies, come together to deliver deep infrabass and crystal-clear treble. A plug-and-play way to enjoy a vivid, cinematic viewing experience in a 3D, 5.1.2 configuration.

Devialet Phantom Theater

For a true immersive sound experience, nothing beats a Devialet Phantom Theater, with your choice of 5, 7 or 9 loudspeakers. Both the 7 and 9 channel options can be Dolby Atmos enabled for a true 3D experience with sound coming from around AND above you.

Enjoy a fantastic entertainment experience, from Stereo and Multichannel audio listening to immersive gaming and awesome movie playback.

Devialet Cinema Experience


In our Sound Kitchen Cinema, we have two different Devialet Phantom Theater setups we can demonstrate:

  • 2x Devialet Phantom I loudspeakers as front left and right, Phantom II Custom as surround, center and front Atmos height channels
  • Phantom II Custom loudspeakers on all 7 channels

We don’t use a subwoofer in the Sound Kitchen Cinema room, but it is possible to add one if you need to fill a very big room or need even more output.

Devialet Cinema Experience