Westone Audio

Westone Audio products are in a league of their own designed by and for musicians. Engineered for accuracy, universal monitors provide sound signatures for all genres and music lovers. Their custom in-ear monitors have been praised by musical icons for decades. Hear your music in the way that industry leaders, audio connoisseurs, and loyal patrons have been captivated.

The company has been a leading name in the music industry for decades now. Westone Laboratories was established in Colorado USA in 1959 and focuses on earpieces for the hearing healthcare market, clinical and audiological supplies, hearing protection and of course universal and custom monitors for musicians.

Westone has long been a pioneer, specifically of premium in-ear solutions. Now an important part of the Lucid Audio Company since may 2020, which is a prominent hearing aid and personal sound amplification products (PSAP) developer and manufacturer. Earlier Lucid Audio Company also acquired Etymotic Research in 2018.

Westone Audio designed and created balanced armature drivers about four decades ago for musicians who requested a walkman style earbud for on stage performance. In collaboration with artists such as Rush and Def Leapard, Westone Audio designed the first custom stage monitors in 1985 fueled by their passion for music and performance. This creation has become a true milestone for musicians.