Audiobyte Superhub


Introducing the Audiobyte Superhub, a Native I2S multifunctional streamer designed for seamless integration into your audio setup. With support for Roon, UpnP, DLNA, and OpenHome, this device simplifies your listening experience.

Exceptional Audio Quality

Featuring a aluminum design and powered by a custom lightweight Linux system, this device delivers exceptional audio quality without the need for a bulky computer. Its FPGA-based audio engine ensures powerful upsampling for pristine sound reproduction.

Effortless Control with I2S Connectivity

Control the Superhub effortlessly using the 3-inch touchscreen or the dedicated iOS and Android app. With versatile connectivity options including I2S, along with Ethernet connectivity, connecting your audio devices has never been easier.

Experience the Audiobyte Superhub and elevate your audio setup to new heights

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A Meticulously Designed Digital Hub

The Audiobyte Superhub is a state-of-the-art I2S streamer designed as digital hub, seamlessly uniting your various digital sources into one unit. Superhub stands out in terms of superior audio quality and streaming capabilities due to advanced digital signal conditioning, including reclocking and upsampling which takes place in the digital domain before transmitting the refined data streams to an external DAC. The result is an effective jitter reduction underpinned by AudioByte’s exclusive FPGA technology, setting new standards in the audio streaming domain.

Audiobyte Superhub: Made From a Solid Block of Anodized Aluminum

The Superhub is constructed from the ground up on an exclusive Audiobyte hardware platform for an exceptional audio experience. To optimize the signal path, the engineering team at Audiobyte designed and built a new mainboard with a 10-layer custom PCB from scratch. Together with a linear power supply, this guarantees a seamless synergy between the audio processing capabilities and the audio stream. With such special hardware, they had to push de envelope for a matching case, so they designed a chassis from a solid block of aluminum, precision machined to house our components.

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Black, Silver



Digital inputs:

S/PDIF RCA: Up to PCM 384KHz, DSD128
AES/EBU: Up to PCM 384KHz, DSD128
S/PDIF Optical: Up to PCM 192KHz, DSD64
USB Type B: Up to PCM 384KHz, DSD512

Digital outputs:

I2S HDMI LVDS: 44.1-384k PCM, DSD64-512
S/PDIF RCA: 44.1-384k PCM, DSD64-128
USB Type A: Up to PCM 384KHz, DSD512*
*Native – without digital processing
Digital processing: Hardware based Audiobyte proprietary PCM to DSD
DSD to PCM, Upsampling, Reclocking


Streaming Services: Roon Bridge, AirPlay, HQPlayer NAA, UPnP,
Control apps: Android, iOS
Supply voltage: 110V AC / 220V AC
Power: 20 W


3.0-inch IPS 24bit color touch screen
Resolution: 640 x 360 px

Body material: Aluminium alloy
Finish: Sandblasted Anodized
Colors: Matte Silver / Black
Weight: 6 KG
Size: 290 * 300 * 62 * (l * w * h) (in mm)