Auris Audio Euterpe

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The Auris Audio Euterpe is a tube headphone amplifier, pre-amp and D/A converter all-in-one. Pair it with some gorgeous headphones like the Meze 109 Pro and your musical journey is set.

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The Auris Audio Euterpe can be used in many ways: a headphone amplifier, pre-amplifier or DAC. Euterpe can work with its own integrated USB-DAC, or you can connect the analog input with another source .


Euterpe is a single-ended headphone amplifier with unbalanced circuit design, so there are no balanced inputs or outputs. The lineup of tubes is classic Auris, with the use of two 7-pin Ei PL95 tubes, which are the equivalent to 6DL5, and a single ECC81 input tube, also known like 12AT7 (running in Ultra-Linear mode). The output power is just a shade lower at 0.9W into a 32Ω load. The magic of Euterpe trully happens when it is connected to a high-end DAC which tells you a lot about how good this amp can be inside a beautifully crafted wooden enclosure.

D/A Converter

DAC inside can play modern sources. OTG input capability has some baseline specifics, including a decoding capability of up to DSD128, PCM max 32bit/384kHz. An XMOS USB DAC and ESS Sabre chipset represent the brain of Euterpe. The DAC quality is impressive, with beautiful details captured.

Linear PSU

Euterpe power supply is an external regulated linear power supply, with a switchable 115/230 VAC capable output, and will keep noise to the minimum. It uses a fairly stiff but sturdy 4-pin connector 1m cable, so you can place the two units pretty far apart.

Impendance Selector

To make your headphones shine in the best possible way, we designed Euterpe with impedance swicher marked with L/H (low/high). The inference here is a wider range and simpler switching design – L (low) at 32-80 Ohm and H (high), anything greater than 150 Ohm. For an example, with the majority of planar headphones that tend to rate less than 80 Ohm and are more impedance agnostic than dynamic headphones, you need to have that switch set to L (low).

A Headphone Stand

The possibillity to be used like a headphone stand , makes Euterpe strangely utilitarian for such a high-end piece of hardware. Your headphones fit right on top, with a shallow saddle cut into the wood, to keep the cans in place. It can take a full-size headphone and won’t heat up or burn your precious cans.


  • Tubes: 2 x PL95, 1 x ECC81
  • Amplifier Configuration: Single Ended
  • Power output: 0,9 W
  • Conversion rate USB: DSD64, DSD128, PCM max 32bit/384kHz
  • Output Impedance: Low 32-80 Ohm / High > 150 Ohm
  • Power supply: 115 / 230 VAC
  • Inputs: 1 x USB, 1 x RCA