Final Audio B1


The Final Audio B1 is all about clarity and detail, creating a crystal-clear sonic image in the head of the listener and all for a very reasonable price! Sound design with consideration to the relationship between spatial impression and dynamic range of music.

Clarity of vocals and each musical instrument is extremely high, overwhelming presence and feeling of liveliness as if standing in the centre of a live stage. Final Audio B1 is a model designed with particular emphasis on proximity of sound and sense of reality.

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Final Audio B1 Metal Injection Molding (MIM) stainless steel housing

MIM is a process by which powdered metal is mixed with a binder to form a resin in the desired shape and applying high-temperature sintering to achieve the desired form. There is a high degree of freedom in moulding the resin into the same shape as the cast, making it possible to achieve a complex internal design even with metal. It shows in the beautiful shape of the Final Audio B1.


BA+Dynamic Driver Unit

The Final Audio B1 Employs a total of 2 drivers: 1 Balanced Armature (BA) driver for high range sound and 1 Dynamic Driver for bass. There is no parsing of the frequency range by a network.


MMCX Connector&Original high purity OFC silver coated cable

The MMCX connector was developed in-company. We’ve used high-purity OFC silver coated cables that provide a wide sound-stage. These jointly-developed cables were originally designed by and are currently manufactured by the well-renowned Junkosha corporation for the purpose of being used with the supercomputer “Kei” due to their fast signal transmission speed. The insulator film is made from PFA which was also developed by Junkosha who used their extensive know-how through the JUNFLON® brand . The outer tube is made from PVC for maximum flexibility. The user will experience surprising flexibility that both makes the cable extremely easy to use as well as reducing the likelihood of microphonics. In addition, the MMCX plug and the 3.5 mm mini-plug have a tendency to disconnect so we’ve far exceeded the regular QA pass criteria of a 5,000-time bend test by changing the connection design to one that can withstand more than 50,000 bends.

* Junkosha: The Japanese corporation Junkosha develops and manufactures products such as high speed coaxial cables that boast the world’s fastest transmission speed at 95% the speed of light, as well as cables for demanding fields such as marine and aerospace, healthcare and power generation facilities. These special cables require a high level of technology and center around fluoropolymers. Junkosha’s cables are often called by the brand name JUNFLON® and have earned the tremendous trust of engineers requiring special-purpose cables.


  • Housing: Stainless steel mirror-finished (Rose Gold)
  • Driver: 1 Dynamic +1BA (Networkless)
  • Connector: MMCX
  • Cable: OFC silver coated cable
  • Sensitivity: 94dB
  • Impedance: 13Ω
  • Weight: 36g
  • Cord length: 1.2m