Final Audio D8000 Pro Limited


As we have always been in love with this headphone, we are over the moon to have secured a couple of the Final D8000 Pro Limited headphones.

Limited to 200 pieces worldwide with a gorgeous suitcase, including a 4.4mm silver cable next to the 3 meter silver 4-pin XLR cable. Really special is the Gold Plated Inner Meshed Plate of AFDS Driver.

The last D8000 Pro Limited in our store is an open box. 

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Final Audio D8000 Pro Limited Edition

Final have released a Limited Model of the flagship D8000 Pro Edition headphones, with a new stylish finishing concept and further upgrades. A luxurious and authentic matte black finish is applied throughout, and dry gold-plated perforated metal is used for the AFDS driver. The structural and acoustic design of the driver, and dedicated housing construction which optimizes sound, have been retained.

High-grade Washi (Japanese paper) with excellent durability, air permeability, moisture control, and antibacterial/odour-eliminating properties is used as the earpads’ material, providing the best fit and comfort. A dedicated Attache Case-Type New Carrying Case with TRAVEL SENTRY® Approved Lock. Two types of detachable cable, OFC silver-coated balanced cable and OFC black balanced cable for portable use are included as accessories, making it a full-fledged package that is truly the pinnacle of the Pro range.

Newly-Developed Air Film Damping System

With D8000 Pro Limited Edition, the problem with the diaphragm coming into contact with magnets has been solved through AFDS (Air Film Damping System), and it has become possible to lower the frequency limit of the bass that the driver unit can reproduce. Combined with newly developed breathable earpads, the rich bass sound with a sense of openness which normally can only achievable with superior dynamic driver becomes possible.

Newly-Developed Open Earpads

With D series, the reproduction band of bass frequencies has been extended through AFDS, and it has become possible to sufficiently reproduce bass frequencies even with earpads that are not sealed tightly just with driver unit ability. For the D8000 Pro Limited Edition, the earpads that greatly influence sound quality have been newly developed from Washi, a Japanese traditional paper, which has excellent durability, air permeability, moisture control, and antibacterial/odour-eliminating properties.

Machined Aluminium Magnesium Alloy Housing

To establish AFDS, an extremely high level of precision compared to typical driver units is necessary. Because of this, the machined aluminium magnesium alloy housing has been machined with great precision and applied with luxurious and authentic matte black finish.

Newly-developed open type earpads

With not only sealed headphones but open-type headphones as well, sealing the earpads makes for a characteristic lengthening of reproduction frequency to bass frequencies that the driver unit originally couldn’t reproduce. With all conventional planar magnetic models and many dynamic models, there is a lack in terms of bass frequencies with earpads that are not tightly sealed. For the D8000 Pro Edition, close attention has been paid to good feeling texture and longevity. Toray Ultrasuede has been used for parts that come in contact with the human skin.


  • Limited run of only 200 units available worldwide
  • Authentic premium matte black housing
  • Gold plated inner meshed plate of AFDS driver
  • Alumite-black hanger headband
  • Earpads made from Washi Japanese paper
  • XLR 4-pin silver-coated cable 3.0m
  • 4.4mm TRRS OFC cable 1.5m
  • New carrying case with TSA lock
  • Manufacturer warranty: 24 months

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