FiR Audio IEM Dryer


The FiR Audio IEM Dryer is the first product for musicians to be used when you get of stage and safely remove moisture from your beloved custom or universal earphones. Removing moisture is essential to increase the life span of your IEM’s and to stop moisture adding corrosive damage to drivers and filters.

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FiR Audio IEM Dryer

The FiR Audio IEM Dryer is the first product of its kind specifically designed to remove moisture from In-Ear Monitors. Most performers are active on stage and this results in moisture getting in the sound bores and inside the IEM’s. If you don’t dry your in-ears, the moisture inside will cause corrosive damage to the drivers (miniature speakers) and acoustic filters.

The IEM Dryer can hold 2 pairs of IEMs with cables attached. It features a USB timer so you can preset the drying time. The IEM Dryer features a durable protective case so your IEMs are safe while drying. You can use a 2 Amp USB power bank to use the IEM Dryer when you’re on the go.


Introduction FiR Audio IEM Dryer


  • Input: USB type C
  • Power: 5v, 2.0 amps min, 5v, 3.0 amps max
  • 2 year warranty
  • Dimensions: 16 x 11 x 5 cm

What's in the box?

  • IEM Dryer
  • USB C charging cable 6ft
  • USB Travel Charger 2.4 amps