Lotoo PAW 6000


The incredible Lotoo PAW 6000 is an extraordinary portable player with amazing technology incorporated to produce a legendary sound similar to Lotoo’s flagship LPGT.

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Lotoo PAW 6000

Like many of the other flagship players currently on the market such as the Cayin N8 the Lotoo PAW 6000 doesn’t have a multitude of fancy features such as Android, Google Play Store, Spotify streaming etc, but what it does have is amazing sonic performance. By cutting back on the feature set, Lotoo has managed to produce a player with a stunning musical presentation. Easily capable of demonstrating the ability of pretty much every earphone on the market, the 6000 opens up every intricate piece of music and delivers it with prowess and musicality. Using it’s immense 300mW per channel into 32 Ohm the 6000 provides plenty of dynamic range and headroom for even the most demanding earphones.

Internally Lotoo have selected the AKM4493EQ chipset to do the digital to analogue conversion of the  music stored on your SDCard. The Lotoo has no internal storage but a maximum 2TB SDCard can be used to hold your collection of favourite albums.

The Lotoo PAW 6000 firmly sits at the pinnacle of DAPs available in our portfolio and sonically sits just above Cayin N6ii in relation to sonic performance. The only disadvantage that I can see with the LPGT is that it does not provide any wifi streaming like you would find from other DAPs at a similar price. It does however arrive with LDAC streaming as an option so that should you wish to stream high resolution content from your mobile device to the PAW 6000 then you can.

The luxurious player has been meticulously crafted using the finest materials including Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and anti fingerprint protection on the screen. The LTOS operating system enables fluid function of the player, including an immensely fast 2 second boot up time, enabling you to enjoy your music faster than any other player on the market.