Shanling UA1 Pro


The Shanling UA1 Pro is a compact headphone amplifier with a USB-C connection and a 3.5mm headphone output. This DAC/headphone amplifier is especially intended for owners of a laptop with a USB-C connection or Android device that does not have a conventional 3.5mm headphone connection. Despite its compact size, Shanling has a powerful built-in headphone amplifier rated at 80mW into 32 ohms and can handle a wide selection of headphones.

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Equipped with ES9219C DAC chip
Built-in conductive cotton shield, DAC chip is ES9219C, power chip is LDO power supply. The theoretical maximum output is 80mW@32Ω.

Support APP personalized settings
Support setting filter, gain and other options through Eddict Player (V1.0.21 and above) APP.

CNC aluminum housing
The shell of UA1 Pro is made of aluminum, which is made by CNC milling, electroplating and other processes. The whole machine weighs only 8.3g.

The internal ES9219C DAC chip comes from ESS and has a maximum resolution of 32bit/384kHz PCM and DSD256. This DAC delivers a noise-free and highly detailed music reproduction so that you can enjoy your favorite music in an even higher sound quality. With the help of the Shanling Android app you can set the gain, balance and filters to your liking for an even better music experience.

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Chrome, Black


DSD: DSD256.
Input: USB Type-C
Headphone output: 3.5mm
Dimensions (HxBxD): 39 x 15 x 5 mm
Weight: 8.3g