Devialet Cinema Experience – October 28th from 9 AM – 6 PM

Devialet Cinema Experience – October 28th from 9 AM – 6 PM

Sound Kitchen in Little C is presenting the first dedicated home cinema in The Netherlands based solely on Devialet loudspeakers – the Sound Kitchen Devialet Phantom Theater! In the middle of the store you will find a room with a comfortable sofa and a large television, where not two, four or five – but no fewer than seven Devialet loudspeakers are set up.

On Saturday October 28th, you are welcome to hear this incredible system in action during our Devialet Cinema Experience. Don’t miss this exclusive event! Doors are open until 6 PM, so that you can enjoy a nice glass of wine from the second half of the afternoon and of course, our espresso-bar will be open to try our fantastic coffees and pastries during the day.

The system consists of two Devialet Phantom I front channels and Devialet Phantom II Custom center speaker, rear channels and Dolby Atmos front height channels left and right above the television. The Devialet Phantom Theater system can however be configured with a choice of either 5, 7 or 9 speakers.

Our Devialet Home Theater of course also features the Devialet Dione sound bar to complete the Devialet Cinema Experience!


Devialet Experience Cinema



Devialet Phantom Theater

Devialet Phantom II CustomThe Phantom II Custom loudspeaker is a tailor-made version of the ‘normal’ Phantom II, intended for commercial and residential projects and meets professional connection standards based on a balanced analog connection or Dante. They can be used together with the bigger Phantom I loudspeakers for the front channels if you need more output or use Phantom I loudspeakers for all channels for a truly ‘implosive’ cinema experience. said about the Devialet Phantom Theater @Sound Kitchen:

We can now tell you in detail what our own experience was with the Devialet Phantom Home Cinema at Sound Kitchen. We can do that very well, based on film experiences with Top Gun: Maverick and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, or an extensive listening session with the new work of Eefje de Visser, played via Roon. But you really have to experience a setup like this for yourself. Because now you are no longer surprised to read how much power and power a Devialet Phantom is able to produce, but a home cinema application in which the relatively small Phantom II combines the well-known wealth of detail and dynamics with such a fat bass reproduction (from 3 liters on a speaker!) is something you must have heard and felt.

And that’s possible! Join us at Sound Kitchen in Rotterdam on October 28th to witness the incredible Devialet Phantom Theater in action during our Devialet Cinema Experience!


Devialet Experience Cinema



Devialet Gemini II giveaway

Devialet Gemini IITo top it all off, we will be giving away a pair of the brand new Devialet Gemini II true wireless in-ears, available in black or white in cooperation with D&D. What do you have to do to win them? Visit us on the 28th, immerse yourself in the unique Phantom Theater setup and let the hosts know how you enjoyed your introduction to the Devialet Experience. Are you the best to put this experience into words? Then you will not only go home with an experience richer, but you can also call yourself the proud owner of a pair of Gemini II high-end in-ears!

Finally, anyone who is not yet triggered enough by a 7-piece Phantom setup can also listen to the Devialet Dione, that proves that a very impressive bass does not necessarily have to come from a bulky housing – or a battery of subwoofers. And let’s not forget that outside the home cinema room in the middle of the store, there is also plenty to see, listen to and even taste. A visit is definitely recommended!

Devialet Cinema Experience: continuous demonstrations on Saturday, October 28th, 9 AM – 6 PM, at Sound Kitchen in Rotterdam. Address: Samuel Soesmanstraat 52, Rotterdam.

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All-round experience

Sound Kitchen is more than just a mecca for head-fi. Are you looking for an all-encompassing sensory experience? The professional baristas at Samuel Soesmanstraat proudly serve the best coffee from Manhattan Coffee Roasters, Jing and Twenties Tea, refreshing lemonades from Loopuyt, homemade hot chocolate and sweets from chef Francois Geurds and the pastries from Harvest Café.

Sound Kitchen Espresso BarBe sure to experience it for yourself!

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