Acoustune HS1790TI


The Acoustune HS1790TI earphone has a titanium alloy cavity that provides greater rigidity to improve unit response. The titanium housing is made with sophisticated CNC machinery. The new case structure design can effectively reduce resonance and provide a more snug fit.

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The Acoustune HS1790TI earphone has a titanium alloy cavity that provides greater rigidity to improve unit response. The titanium housing is made with sophisticated CNC machinery. The new case structure design can effectively reduce resonance and provide a more snug fit.


Equipped with 2nd generation Milinx composite driver

“What is Milinx Composite Driver?” It is a dynamic driver with a composite membrane structure that combines a diaphragm made of Milinx, a medical synthetic base material, formed into a thin film and a metal dome processed into an ultra-thin film. The design philosophy is to take advantage of the flexibility of the Milinx diaphragm and use a highly rigid material for the key dome part to prevent resonance. We approached the market with the HS1695TI and HS1697TI by adopting a titanium thin film dome for the Milinx diaphragm.

With the HS2000MX SHO, which aims to create even more optimal solutions, we have achieved certain results by proactively working on materials and processes that have previously been difficult to mass-produce. The Acoustune HS1790TI follows the sound of the HS1695TI/HS1697TI, which were popular on the market, and has been fine-tuned to reflect the knowledge gained at this time.


Modular metal body & brass chamber

The main body housing has a modular structure that completely separates the acoustic chamber part (driver storage) and mechanism housing part (connector storage). Suppresses sound quality deterioration by reducing mutual interference between acoustic parts and mechanical parts.

The Acoustune HS1790TI uses titanium for the acoustic chamber and aluminum for the mechanism housing, both of which are CNC-cut with high precision. The titanium chamber has higher hardness than aluminum or stainless steel, which improves the resonance suppression effect and improves driver response. It achieves overwhelming expressive power and a wide sound field across the entire range.

In particular, as we aimed to improve the sound quality of the chamber section, it was necessary to make it extremely thin in order to secure an acoustic space, but improvements were made such as adding a rib shape to maintain its strength, which also served as a design feature.


Adopting the next generation Acoustune design identity

The Acoustune HS1790TI adopts the design identity of the next generation Acoustune, which started with the HS1300SS and was also adopted in the HS2000MX SHO. We have improved fitting performance by optimizing each dimension and further improving the housing shape with ergonomics in mind, and have created a design with a shape that is easier to wear, a surface structure that emphasizes the feeling of a lump of metal, and a high balance.


Acoustune HS1790TIScale finish incorporating Karesansui style

Among the HS1700 series, the outer housing of the Acoustune HS1790TI in particular has a scale finish that is reminiscent of a dry landscape in a Japanese garden, creating a finish that harmonizes with the industrial design. In order to achieve this finish, we design a precise pathwork using CAM and precisely process it using machine tools that are controlled in 1μm increments.


New hybrid cable for reference with 8-core structure “ARC51”

The Acoustune HS1790TI continues to use the hybrid cable ARC51, which is the standard for Acoustune earphones and was used in the HS1600 series. A new hybrid cable for reference that reduces conductor resistance, prevents audio signal transmission loss, and improves the S/N ratio across the entire frequency range. The cable, which has an 8-core configuration of a hybrid cable (triple shielded/double twisted) of silver-coated OFC wire and ultra-fine OFC wire, is a Japanese-made cable that was selected by engineers who have been involved in cables for many years for its vibration damping performance. Made of PVC. This prevents external vibrations and suppresses touch noise. The metal parts of the L-shaped plug part, Y-shaped splitter part, and Pentaconn Ear connector part are each semi-matte black and have a hairline finish, giving it a luxurious feel.


Adopts Pentaconn Ear connector

Adopts a new IEM connector “Pentaconn Ear” designed and produced by Nippon Dicks Co., Ltd. that boasts high sound quality and high reliability. Compared to traditional MMCX connectors, the plug and socket parts are in closer contact, providing superior conduction performance. It also achieves both ease of attachment and detachment and robustness.


“AEX07” that achieves high fitting and acoustics Earpiece and carrying case are included

A total of two types of earpieces are available at the same time, including all sizes (XS/S/M/L/XL) of the AEX07, which became Acoustune’s next-generation reference and was also used as a reference during earphone development, and the foam type AET02. Packing. Avoid deterioration of sound quality and get a good fit. Also included is a convenient carrying case that protects the earphones while making them easy to carry.


  • Type: Sealed type Universal fit IEM with single dynamic driver
  • Driver: 2nd generation Milinx composite evolved 10mm diameter dynamic driver
  • Enclosure: cnc cutting titanium
  • Frequency range: 10Hz~25kHz
  • Sensitivity: 110dB@1mW
  • Impedance: 24Ω@1KHz
  • Connector: Nippon Dix Pentaconn Ear Connector
  • Plug:3.5mm 3-pole stereo mini plug
  • Cable: ARC51 8Wire Hybrid Cable, Silver coated OFC & ultra-fine OFC, triple shield, double twisted 8-core structure,
  • Cable length: approx. 1.2m
  • Weight: About 48g


  • 2 types of earpieces:
    • AEX07(XS・S・M・L・XL)
    • AET02 (free size)
  • aluminum case
  • Carrying case
  • Cable clip
  • Cable ties