Final Audio VR3000


Final Audio VR3000 for Gaming
Earphones to reproduce the auditory spatial impression of games and VR as intended by the creators.

Many of the earphones aimed for use for the gaming or 3D sound content employ sound creation focused on the surprise of first listening to its sound with exaggerated bass and high range. But, the objective of sound used in tandem with video for games is to immerse the players in the world of content and to provide extra critical information which is visually unpresentable to help players succeed the game, not to surprise the player with the sound. Final believes that in order to immerse players in game, it is important to accurately reproduce the intention and aim of the game creators as embedded in the sound.

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Final Audio VR3000: Perfect Gaming Sound

Designed to be combined with virtual reality and gaming, the Final Audio VR3000 create a spatial sound with concentrated sense of direction as a result of research on the difference between the sound produced by 2ch stereo systems and binaural technology.


Sound creation based on acoustic engineering and psychology

This is the birth of a new staple earphones based on our proprietary research into the “differences between 2-ch stereophonic sound productions and binaural sound productions”. It has been widely known that a characteristic uncomfortable feeling occurs in the high frequency range when listening to binaural sound for games and VR content on ordinary earphones and headphones. Acoustics researchers grasped the cause, but there was still no precedent for achieving adequate success in implementing countermeasures. This time, as a result of a new approach toward implementing countermeasures to this problem, we were able to give birth to the earphones that make it possible to feel the tone color, spatial impression, and direction of sound images on games and virtual reality content produced in binaural sound in a manner consistent with the creator’s intention.


Newly Developed Dynamic Driver

The Final Audio VR3000 is armed with a powerful high precision ‘f-Core DU’ 6mm dynamic driver unit newly designed from the ground up to create ultimate clear and realistic sound.
Comfortable Fit: With a mere weight of 8 grams per earpiece, final VR3000 is designed to be small and light making them virtually unnoticeable while wearing. Five types of high-quality award-winning silicone eartips further enhance the fit.


In-Line Microphone

More fun can be found in a game via voice chat with your friends. The Final Audio VR3000 is equipped with an in-line microphone, a 3-button controller for volume adjustment and a 4-pole 3.5-mm standard jack plug.



  • Housing: ABS
  • Driver: Dynamic driver
  • Cable: OFC Black cable
  • Sensitivity: 101dB/mw
  • Impedance: 18Ω
  • Weight: 20g
  • Cord length: 1.2m